Handle With Lever Arm (M137)

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Material Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Others available upon request – Contact us for details
Lever Arm Partially threaded zinc plated steel stud.
Fixing Push fit (cannot be dismantled).


Art. H D d A B d2 d1 Q Weight (gr)
M137-50 M08x40 502015103010M8 4040
M137-50 M08x55 502015104510M8 5546
M137-50 M08x80 502015107010M8 8061
M137-60 M10x55 602317154012M10 5568
M137-60 M10x65 602317155012M10 6577
M137-60 M10x95 602317158012M10 95104
M137-70 M12x65 702519155014M12 65106
M137-70 M12x105 702519159014M12 105154
M137-80 M12x65 802520155014M12 65112
M137-80 M12x105 802520159014M12 105164
M137-90 M14x67 912722.5175016M14 67115
M137-90 M14x97 912722.5178016M14 97193
M137-90 M14x117 912722.51710016M14 117224

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