Square And Hexagonal Holes

Jencan can provide square or hexagonal holes in their inserts with through-holes. If the final application allows it, it is possible to have the same square or hexagonal holes obtained in the plastic by means of moulding. As the material used for our handgrips is always reinforced with glass fibre, the resistance of the walls is considerable. If a metal insert is not used then this solution can be suitable for applications in the medical or food industries or outdoors, as there are no metal parts which could oxidise or rust. The only point to be aware of is that the tolerance of the hole will not be exact. This is due to the actual nature of material which is injection-moulded.



The standard sizes available are as follows:

Square (with insert) AxAHexagon(with insert) ASquare(moulded plastic)AxAHexagon (moulded plastic) A
5x5 H7 5 H7 5x5+0.2 +0.1 5+0.2 +0.1
6x6 H7 6 H7 6x6+0.2 +0.1 6+0.2 +0.1
8x8 H7 8 H7 8x8+0.2 +0.1 8+0.2 +0.1
10x10 H7 10 H7 10x10+0.2 +0.1 10+0.2 +0.1
12x12 H7 11 H7 12x12+0.2 +0.1 12+0.2 +0.1
14x14 H7 12 H7 14x14+0.2 +0.1 14+0.2 +0.1
17x17 H7 14 H7 16x16+0.2 +0.1 16+0.2 +0.1
16 H7 17x17+0.2 +0.1 17+0.2 +0.1