F/G - Solid Locking Handwheels and Locking Handwheels

A vast range of plastic handwheels made in glass filled nylon so they’re extremely tough and resilient, difficult to mark and scratch and very tough to break as opposed to the older Bakelite styled handwheels of old. These handwheels are modern designs and with textured finishes. Inserts are in brass, plated steel and stainless steel. Specials are available on demand but subject to MOQ’s. Handwheels are available in female and male variations aswell as tapped through also. There are many designs available, from multi lobed / flower designs, cross knobs, 3 lobed and smooth profile. There are even versions with long bosses where there may be limited space available in and around the clamping surface. These products are used anywhere and everywhere from industrial machinery to various healthcare products, gym equipment, trailers, farm / security and catering equipment to name just a few uses.