Adjustable Feet

Jencan Ltd have a very large range of adjustable feet available, some of which is not even shown on our site. Adjustable feet can come in the form of fixed feet at the bottom where the foot is fixed solid or the insert can rotate freely and can be fixed and sometimes there is a small degree of lateral movement in the insert. We also have swivel feet where there is a ball fixing at the bottom of the insert to allow the foot to sit on an uneven surface. Feet can be pure plastic that sits directly onto the floor or they can have an anti-vibration pad. Feet can have bolt down holes or not, depending on what is needed. Inserts can be plated steel or stainless and the bases can be plastic or chrome plated or stainless steel depending on the end use. If you don’t see what you want, please ask and I am sure Jencan can accommodate your request.