4-Lobe Handwheel With Elongated Hub And Threaded Insert (G734)

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Material Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Main Insert Brass blind threaded bush.


Art. D H m d c d2 d3 h3 d1 Q Weight (gr)
G734-30 T25 M06 3037.523.513.51414.5122M06 1015
G734-30 T35 M06 304733.513.51415122M06 1616
G734-30 T35 M08 304733.513.51415122M08 2117
G734-40 T35 M10 41543516.51917123M10 1530
G734-40 T66 M06 41856616.51918123M06 1835
G734-50 T40 M08 52613917.52219142.5M08 1547
G734-50 T40 M10 52613917.52219142.5M10 1549
G734-50 T50 M08 527149182220.5142.5M08 1555
G734-50 T50 M10 527149182220.5142.5M10 1556
G734-50 T60 M10 528058182221142.5M10 1562
G734-60 T60 M08 598358232524244M08 2191
G734-60 T60 M10 598358232524244M10 1591
G734-60 T60 M12 598358232524244M12 2196
G734-60 T80 M08 5910378232524244M08 21105
G734-60 T80 M10 5910378232524244M10 15104
G734-60 T80 M12 5910378232524244M12 21107

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