4-Lobe Handwheel With Threaded Through Insert (G731)

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Material Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Main Insert Brass right through threaded bush.
(*) Zinc plated steel right through threaded bush.


Art. D H d c m d3 h3 d1 Q Weight (gr)
G731-20 M04 2114118.55.584.5M04 9.54
G731-20 M05 2114118.55.587.5M05 6.55
G731-20 M06 2114118.55.587.5M06 6.55
G731-25 M04 26161210697.5M04 8.55
G731-25 M05 26161210699.5M05 6.56
G731-25 M06 26161210699.5M06 6.56
G731-25 M08 26161210610.51.5M08 14.510
G731-30 M05 30231513.59.5128.5M05 14.511
G731-30 M06 30231513.59.5128.5M06 14.511
G731-30 M08 30231513.59.5128.5M08 14.512
G731-30 M10 30231513.59.5128.5M10 14.513
G731-40 M06 4129.51618.5111311.5M06 1821
G731-40 M08 4129.51618.5111311.5M08 1821
G731-40 M10 4129.51618.5111311.5M10 1823
G731-40 M12 4129.52118.5111311.5M12 1826
G731-50 M06 5232.520.521.51113.514.5M06 1837
G731-50 M08 5232.520.521.51113.514.5M08 1838
G731-50 M10 5232.520.521.51113.514.5M10 1839
G731-50 M12 5232.520.521.51113.514.5M12 1840
G731-60 M08 59402325152022M08 1854
G731-60 M10 59402325152022M10 1855
G731-60 M12 59402325152022M12 1855
G731-60 M14 59402325152022M14 1856
G731-80 M08 794130.524172023M08 1880
G731-80 M10 794130.524172023M10 1882
G731-80 M12 794130.524172023M12 1879
G731-80 M14 79413124172023M14 1880
G731-80 M16 794130.524172115(*) M16 26102

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