Aluminium Control Wheel With Smooth Hole And Revolving Handle (W297)

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Material Die cast aluminium.
Surface Satin finish surface, except for the low roughness turned areas (T).
Colour H – Nickel-plated (surface treatment).
V – Painted black (RAL 9011).
A – Natural grey anodization.
To be specified with the order.
Central Cap H – Nickel plated: black ABS cap (Ral 9011).
V – Painted black: grey ABS cap (Ral 7035).
A – Anodization: grey ABS cap (Ral 7035).
Side Handle Revolving handle SKU M129
Hole Smooth through hole, remachined with tolerance class of H7.


Art. d D H m c h h3 d3 d1 H7 Q dl L Weight (g)
W297-80 D08 “HVA” 2680261412215.520D08 15.52052
W297-100 D10 “HVA” 2810028141421.55.520D10 162052
W297-130 D12 “HVA” 3613035191625.55.528D12 202362
W297-160 D14 “HVA” 3616038201825.55.528D12 202572
W297-200 D16 “HVA” 4220044242031.5634D16 25.52581

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