Aluminium Oval Bridge Handle (B400)

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Material: Bridge handle on aluminum alloy 6060.
Surface: Satin.
Colours: cod. 01: Black , painted with epoxy powder.cod. 99: Natural silver anodised.


art. I L H B c d1 q q g F1 F2
B400120.a20M0601 120133502013M06 1210001000
B400128.a20M0601 128141502013M06 1210001000
B400160.a20M0601 160173502013M06 1210001000
B400112.a26M0801 112129552617M08 1410001000
B400120.a26M0801 120137552617M08 1410001000
B400128.a26M0801 128145552617M08 1410001000
B400160.a26M0801 160177552617M08 1410001000
B400180.a26M0801 180197552617M08 1410001000
B400192.a26M0801 192209552617M08 1410001000

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