Bridge Handle With Through Hole And Cap (B324)

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Material: Reinforced polyamide.
Oils and greases resistant.
Surface: Satin.
Colour: Black (RAL 9011).
Central Cap: Grey polyamide (RAL 7035 cod. 13).
Alternative Cap Colour: Orange (RAL 2004 cod. 02)
Blue (RAL 5015 cod. 07)
Yellow (RAL 1021 cod. 10)
Red (RAL 3000 cod. 16)
Green (RAL 6024 cod. 17)
Black (RAL 9011 cod. 01)

Smooth right through hole obtained by moulding the plastic.


art. L I H h h1 a d d3 d1 q q g F1 (N) F2 (N)
B324094.TG06.501.. 118943733302124166.5143725002000
B324117.TG06.501.. 14511740.53431.52428186.5155837003500
B324117.TG08.501.. 14511740.53431.52428188.5155737003500
B324120.TG06.501.. 14812040.53431.52428186.5156029003500
B324120.TG08.501.. 14812040.53431.52428188.5155929003500
B324132.TG08.501.. 1601324336.5342428188.5159132003200

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324094 6.5mm

324117 8.5mm

324117 6.5mm

324120 6.5mm

324120 8.5mm

324132 8.5mm