Crank Handle With Smooth Insert And Revolving And Folding Handle (E217)


Material Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Main Insert Zinc plated steel blind bored bush with H7 tolerance.
Side Insert Brass right through threaded bush
Side Handle Revolving handle SKU M136


Art. L R H Ht D d m c A B h d3 h3 dm d1 H7 Q dl L1 Weight (gr)
E217-65 D05 8865305426221713189.5815312D05 H9 202054105
E217-65 D10 8865305426221713189.5815312D10 202054100
E217-80 D05 1068033573026191321.511917314D05 H9 202054115
E217-80 D10 1068033573026191321.511917314D10 202054110
E217-110 D05 1381103967.53328.52214221211213.514D05 H9 222575156
E217-110 D12 1381103967.53328.52214221211213.514D12 222575156
E217-140 D05 17314049824335341625.513.51527320D05 H9 222689300
E217-140 D14 17314049824335341625.513.51527320D14 222689240
E217-185 D05 219180548846394016.526.51416.527.5424D05 H9 262697450
E217-185 D16 219180548846394016.526.51416.527.5424D16 262697430

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21765 5mm

21765 10mm


21780 5mm

21780 10mm


217110 5mm

217110 12mm


217140 5mm

217140 14mm


217185 5mm

217185 16mm