Decorative Caps for Holes in a Head Screw (JC10_0003)

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Standard material Polyethylene
Colour RAL- or special colours upon request


Art No.DdS
JC10.0003.058028070 5.82.87
JC10.0003.100025050 102.55
JC10.0003.110028048 112.84.8
JC10.0003.120024035 122.43.5
JC10.0003.120025021 122.52.1
JC10.0003.120025050 122.55
JC10.0003.120026035 122.63.5
JC10.0003.120030055 1235.5
JC10.0003.120030060 1236
JC10.0003.120031018 123.11.8
JC10.0003.120036025 123.62.5
JC10.0003.135024050 13.52.45
JC10.0003.150025050 152.55
JC10.0003.150030060 1536
JC10.0003.150030070 1537
JC10.0003.150036025 153.62.5
JC10.0003.180030070* 1837
JC10.0003.180030090* 1839

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