Fixed Metal Lever With Horizontal Handle – Smooth Blind Hole (W503)

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Material Steel with property class 5.8.
Surface Low roughness turned surface.
Standard Colour H – Nickel-plated (surface treatment).
Alternative Colour on Request B – Black -oxide (surface treatment)
Z – Galvanised (surface treatment).
D – Dacromet (surface treatment).
To be specified with the order.
Handgrip Short handle SKU I500, reinforced polyamide, black RAL 9012
Handrgip Fastening Push-fit. Removable.
Hole Smooth blind hole with tolerance class of H7.


Art. d R L H Ht h1 d2 d3 d1 H7 Q Weight (g)
W503-70 D08 “HBZD” 20708034571782281784
W503-80 D10 “HBZD” 2280913864208221019109
W503-95 D12 “HBZD” 249510742752110281221160
W503-110 D12 “HBZD” 2811012448842512281223278
W503-125 D16 “HBZD” 3212514152942712321625340
W503-140 D16 “HBZD” 36141159581033114321627500
W503-150 D20 “HBZD” 40150170641133416372029670

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