Fixed Metal Lever With Stainless Steel Inclined Handle – Female Threaded Hole (W500-CIN)

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Material Stainless steel (AISI 303).
Surface Low roughness turned surface.
Colour Natural.
Handgrip Short handle SKU I500, reinforced polyamide, black RAL 9013
Handrgip Fastening Push-fit. Removable.
Hole Female threaded hole with tolerance class of 6g.


Art. d R L H Ht h1 d2 d3 d1 Q Weight (g)
W500-80 CIN M10 228091386442822M10 15120
W500-95 CIN M12 24951074275461028M12 18170
W500-110 CIN M12 281101244884551228M12 18290
W500-125 CIN M16 321251415294611232M16 23350

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