Floor-Anchor Mounting Foot (P902)

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Material Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Others available upon request – Contact us for details
Insert Zinc plated steel articulated, threaded stem.
For stem lenghts longer than the standard the insert does not have a hexagonal seat; in this case, a seat is milled into the threading.
Anchoring To The Floor The holes in the foot used for anchoring the mount to the floor, are supplied closed. To open them simply break the plastic membrane (see drawing).


Art. D H I H1 h A E s R d2 d1 Q Weight (gr) F1 (N)
P902-80 M10 80205425.5162013512.59M10 45-70-100 74-86-123 10000
P902-80 M12 80205425.5162013512.59M12 45-70-100 84-101-145 10000
P902-80 M14 802054261620176.5159M14 50-70-90-100 142-166-190-202 13000
P902-80 M16 802054261620176.5159M16 50-70-90-110-130 160-193-225-256-288 13000
P902-105 M12 10522742818.521176.51511M12 50-90-110 171-206-225 15000
P902-105 M14 10522742818.521176.51511M14 50-70-90-100 187-211-235-247 15000
P902-105 M16 10522742818.521176.51511M16 50-70-90-110-130 206-238-270-301-333 15000
P902-105 M20 10522742818.52116 (*) 71511M20 (*) 70-110 290-370 15000
P902-130 M12 1302499302021176.51513M12 50-90-130 235-271-307 17000
P902-130 M14 1302499302021176.51513M14 50-70-90-100 252-276-300-312 17000
P902-130 M16 1302499302021176.51513M16 50-70-90-110-130 271-303-335-366-398 17000
P902-130 M20 130249930202116 (*) 71513M20 (*) 70-110 350-430 17000

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