Floor-Anchor Mounting Foot With Revolving Threaded Stud (P800-P801)

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Material: Reinforced polyamide.
Oils and greases resistant.
Surface: Satin.
Colour: Black (RAL 9011).
Inserts: Version P800:
(2) Stainless steel washer AISI 304.
(1) Stainless steel self-locking nut UNI 7474 AISI 304.
Zinc plated steel turned threaded stud, with threaded fastening end.
Version P801:
(2) Stainless steel washer AISI 304.
(1) Black-oxide treated circlip UNI 7435.
Zinc plated steel turned threaded stud, with end groove for cirlip lodging.
Anchoring to the Floor: The holes in the foot used for anchoring the mount to the floor, are
supplied closed. To open them simply break the plastic membrane (see drawing).



P800 Version – Floor-anchor mounting feet with revolving threaded stud with self-locking nut

Art. D H I H1 h A s d2 d3 c C d1 Qq g F1 (N)
P800080.TM12X..01 80205428162089M08 10M12 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190 * 13000
P800080.TM14X..01 80205428162089M08 12M14 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 13000
P800080.TM16X..01 80205428162089M08 13M16 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 13000
P800080.TM20X..01 80205428162089M08 19M20 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 13000
P800105.TM12X..01 10522743018.521811M10 10M12 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P800105.TM14X..01 10522743018.521811M10 12M14 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P800105.TM16X..01 10522743018.521811M10 13M1650-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P800105.TM20X..01 10522743018.521811M10 17M20 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P800105.TM24X..01 10522743018.521811M10 19M24 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P800105.TM30X..01 10522743018.521811M10 24M3050-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P800130.TM16X..01 1302474322021813M10 13M16 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 17000
P800130.TM20X..01 1302474322021813M10 17M20 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 17000
P800130.TM24X..01 1302474322021813M10 19M24 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 17000
P800130.TM30X..01 1302474322021813M10 24M30 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 17000

P801 Version – Floor-anchor mounting feet with revolving threaded stud with circlip fastener

Art. D H I H1 h A s d2 d3 c C d1 Qq gF1 (N)
P801080.TM12X..01 80205428162089810M12 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190 * 13000
P801080.TM14X..01 80205428162089812M14 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 13000
P801080.TM16X..01 80205428162089813M1650-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 13000
P801080.TM20X..01 80205428162089819M2050-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 13000
P801105.TM12X..01 10522743018.5218111010M12 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P801105.TM14X..01 10522743018.5218111012M14 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P801105.TM16X..01 10522743018.5218111013M16 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P801105.TM20X..01 10522743018.5218111017M20 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P801105.TM24X..01 10522743018.5218111019M2450-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P801105.TM30X..01 10522743018.5218111024M30 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 15000
P801130.TM16X..01 13024993220218131013M16 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 17000
P801130.TM20X..01 13024993220218131017M20 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 17000
P801130.TM24X..01 13024993220218131019M24 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 17000
P801130.TM30X..01 13024993220218131024M30 50-70-90-110-130-150-170-190* 17000

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