Floor-Anchor Mounting Foot And Stainless Steel Stud (P902CIN)

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Material: Reinforced polyamide.
Oils and greases resistant.
Surface: Satin.
Colour: Black (RAL 9011).
Insert: Threaded and articulated stainless steel stud (AISI 303).
Anchoring to the Floor: The holes in the foot used for anchoring the mount to the floor, are
supplied closed. To open them simply break the plastic membrane
(see drawing).



P902 CIN Version – Mounting foot with ground fixing with stud type A – R15 in stainless steel

Art. D H I H1 h A E s d2 r d1 Q F1 (N)
P902080.TM12X..01cIN80205425.51620176.5915M1250-70-90 13000
P902080.TM14X..01cIN 80205425.51620176.5915M14 50-70-90-110-130 13000
P902080.TM16X..01cIN 80205425.51620176.5915M16 50-70-90-110-130-150-170 13000
P902105.TM12X..01cIN 10522742818.521176.51115M12 50-70-90 15000
P902105.TM14X..01cIN 10522742818.521176.51115M14 50-70-90-110-130 15000
P902105.TM16X..01cIN 10522742818.521176.51115M16 50-70-90-110-130-150-170 15000
P902130.TM12X..01cIN 1302499302021176.51315M12 50-70-90 17000
P902130.TM14X..01cIN 1302499302021176.51315M14 50-70-90-110-130 17000
P902130.TM16X..01cIN 1302499302021176.51315M16 50-70-90-110-130-150-170 17000

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P 902080 M12X..01cIN

P 902080 M14X..01cIN

P 902080 M16X..01cIN

P 902105 M12X..01cIN

P 902105 M14X..01cIN

P 902105 M16X..01cIN

P 902130 M12X..01cIN

P 902130 M14X..01cIN

P 902130 M16X..01cIN