Floor-Anchor Mounting Foot With Non-Slip Base (P903)

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Material Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Others available upon request – Contact us for details
Insert Zinc plated steel articulated, threaded stem.
For stem lenghts longer than the standard the insert does not have a hexagonal seat; in this case, a seat is milled into the threading.
Anchoring To The Floor The holes in the foot used for anchoring the mount to the floor, are supplied closed. To open them simply break the plastic membrane (see drawing).
Non-Slip Base Nitrile rubber NBR 70 Shore (only black RAL 9011).


Art. D H I H1 H3 h A E s R d d2 d1 Q Weight (gr) F1 (N)
P903-80 M10 80205425.528.5162013512.5709M10 45-70-100 97-109-146 10000
P903-80 M12 80205425.528.5162013512.5709M12 45-70-100 107-124-168 10000
P903-80 M14 8020542628.51620176.515709M14 50-70-90-100 165-189-213-228 13000
P903-80 M16 8020542628.51620176.515709M16 50-70-90-110-130 183-216-248-279-311 13000
P903-105 M12 105227428321821176.5159411M12 50-90-130 255-290-309 15000
P903-105 M14 105227428321821176.5159411M14 50-70-90-100 271-295-319-331 15000
P903-105 M16 105227428321821176.5159411M16 50-70-90-110-130 290-322-354-385-417 15000
P903-105 M20 10522742832182116 (*) 7159411M20 (*) 70-110 374-454 15000
P903-130 M12 130249930352021176.51511813M12 50-90-130 372-408-444 17000
P903-130 M14 130249930352021176.51511813M14 50-70-90-100 389-413-437-449 17000
P903-130 M16 130249930352021176.51511813M16 50-70-90-110-130 408-440-472-503-535 17000
P903-130 M20 13024993035202116 (*)71511813M20 (*) 70-110 487-567 17000

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