Hexagonal Protecting Caps for Screws and Nuts (JC10_0021)

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Standard Material Polyethylene
Colour Black, Grey RAL 7001 and White

RAL- or special colours upon request


JC10.0021.0704 98.33.57M 4
JC10.0021.0805 10.99.558M 5
JC10.0021.1006 12.913610M 6
JC10.0021.1308 16.8157.513M 8
JC10.0021.1610 2019.5916M 10
JC10.0021.1710 21.319.5917M 10
JC10.0021.1812 23201118M 12
JC10.0021.1912 23.621.51119M 12
JC10.0021.2214 26.82212.322M 14
JC10.0021.2114 2723.512.221M 14
JC10.0021.2416 29.8271424M 16
JC10.0021.2718 33.828.415.527M 18
JC10.0021.3020 37.433.21730M 20
JC10.0021.3222 3936.221.232M 22
JC10.0021.3422 22
JC10.0021.3624 43.639.322.736M 24
JC10.0021.4227 5047.42542M 27
JC10.0021.4127 50482541M 27
JC10.0021.4630 56.450.527.646M 30
JC10.0021.5033 61572750M 33
JC10.0021.5536 65.857.632.355M 36
JC10.0021.6039 71.76236.960M 39
JC10.0021.6542 76.965.538.765M 42
JC10.0021.7045 84.87339.670M 45

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