Hexagonal protecting caps for screws and nuts (JC35_0001)

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Standard material Polyethylene
Colour Colour: black, white and grey

RAL- or special colours upon request.


Art No.DH hSWM
JC35.0001.0704 4
JC35.0001.0805 9.410.76.88M 5
JC35.0001.1006 10.913.26.810M 6
JC35.0001.1308 14.615.38.913M 8
JC35.0001.1710 17.920.410.217M 10
JC35.0001.1912 20.121.911.419M 12
JC35.0001.2214 23.424.412.922M 14
JC35.0001.2416 25.927.91524M 16
JC35.0001.3020 31.933.917.930M 20
JC35.0001.3222 33.936.918.932M 22
JC35.0001.3624 37.940.919.936M 24
JC35.0001.4127 42.946.921.941M 27
JC35.0001.5033 51.956.934.950M 33
JC35.0001.5536 55.963.937.955M 36

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