Indexed Crank Handle With Threaded Insert And Revolving And Folding Handle (E519)


Material Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Main Insert Zinc plated steel blind threaded bush.
Side Insert Brass right through threaded bush
Spring Zinc plated steel spring.
Fixing Screw Black-oxide treated screw with head for fitting screwdriver.
Side Handle Revolving handle SKU M136


Art. L R H D d m c A B h H1 Ht d1 Q dl L1 Weight (gr)
E519-65 M08 8665462719291317910-66.5M08 182054104
E519-65 M10 8665462719291317910-66.5M10 172054102
E519-65 M12 8665462719291317910-66.5M12 172054100
E519-80 M12 10880503424.532132211.510.55375M12 222575185
E519-80 M14 10880503424.532132211.510.55375M14 232575180
E519-80 M16 10880503424.532132211.510.55375M16 202575174
E519-110 M12 138110503424.533132211.5115375M12 202575199
E519-110 M14 138110503424.533132211.5115375M14 202575220
E519-110 M16 138110503424.533132211.5115375M16 202575225

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