Knob-Style Black Oxide Treated Steel Indexing Plunger with Flange (WPS790)

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Material: (3) Reinforced polyamide scallop knob. Cannot be
Inserts: (4) Stainless steel spring.
(1) Unthreaded steel body with incorporated bored
(2) Hardened hight resistance steel plunger pin.
ATTENTION: The manufacturer recommends making
the lodging hole for the plunger pin
with a tolerance H7.
Surface: (3) Black satin finish (RAL 9011).
(1.2) Black-oxide finish.


Art. D H m c A B F h3 d2 d3 d1 Q Q1 q g
W790027.Q08X2201 27221983816265,5 5,5 98221274
W790027.Q08X2601 27221983816265,5 5,5 98261675
W790027.Q08X3001 27221983816265,5 5,5 98302075
W790027.Q10X2201 27221983816265,5 5,5 98221075
W790027.Q10X2401 27221983816265,5 5,5 98241275
W790027.Q10X2801 27221983816265,5 5,5 98281676
W790027.Q10X3201 27221983816265,5 5,5 98322076

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