Knurled Indexing Knob With Stepless Positioning (N280)

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Materials: 1. Stainless steel (AISI 304) base with clutch housing
and fixing holes.
2. Aluminium scale ring (Alloy 6060).
3. Reinforced polyamide knob. Resistant to oil and
5. ABS hub cap.
6. Stainless steel (AISI 303) hexagon socket fixing
7. Black-oxide treated steel circlip (UNI 3653).
8. Stainless steel (AISI 304) clutch and lock
10. Stainless steel (AISI 303) self-tapping screws for
fixing scale ring TCS 2.9×13.
Surfaces and Colours: 1. Natural shiny surface with engraved arrow.
2. Black anodized surface.
3. Black satin finish ( RAL 9011).
5. Grey satin finish (RAL7035).
6-8. Natural shiny surface.
Fixing To The Machine: Fixed to the machine with n°3 M5 cheese head Allen screws
(position 9 in the drawing) (DIN 912).
Graduated Flange: The standard numbering on the scale ring goes from 0 to 9 with
10 graduations for each unit. (total of 100 graduations). For a
minimum quantity of 30 pieces numbering can be executed to
customer’s specifications.
Locking Shaft To Control Knob: The shaft is coupled to the knob by means of a shaft with
keyway. Caution! For technical reasons the keyway is very small.
See attached diagram for bore/shaft dimensions.
Bore: The shaft bore is executed with an H7 tolerance. It does not require
a side bore for fixing. The diameter of the bore is fixed and
cannot be varied.
SPECIAL REQUESTS: • On request the hub cap can be provided in the colours
specified in the table on page N-19.
• Upon request and for sufficient quantities (30) the numbering
on the scale ring can be customized.
CHARACTERISTICS: The main feature of this product is the possibility of making a
continuous adjustment of the machine shaft to which it is
attached and of maintaining the selected position. The special
clutch, the heart of the mechanism, permits very small
continuous movements and therefore the possibility of making
precision adjustments in both directions. Once the desired
position is reached, the clutch prevents any rotation caused by
small vibrations or movements arriving from the shaft. The use
of this system prevents accidental or involuntary rotation of the
LIMITATIONS: The clutch is not sufficient to block any movements caused by
strong vibrations. Moreover the control knob is not capable of
withstanding the weight of the shaft, therefore it does not
replace the normal support systems ( bearings, flanges, etc…).
The control knob cannot be used with motor drive systems.



Art. DD1h1h2h3Rd2ABd1Qq g
N28054.HNZ1000113CIN 5467.542119555.5413.11239550

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