Knurled Knob With Indicator (K150)

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Material: Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant.
Surface: Satin.
Handwheel Colour: Black (RAL 9011).
Mountable Indicator: Gravity indicator type “K650”. Standard dirt-tight version.
Two indicators. Black graduated scale proportioned to the drive ratio. Standard transparent cover.
Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation. Non removable indicator
ATTENTION: In your order specify the following
information and select the corresponding letter to be
inserted in the code:
Rotation direction
O= increase of values with clockwise rotation.
A= increase of values with counter clockwise rotation.
Drive Ratio and corresponding scale: Select the appropriate drive radio by deciding which number the big black pointer must indicate after the knobs has completed one turn.The graduate scale will be proportional to the radio. A radio of 12 will have a scale that ranges from 0 to 12.
Main Insert: Zinc plated steel right through bored bush with H11 tolerance.
Fastening:. The knob is fixed to the shaft by means of the threaded (d2) radial bore. ( grub screw not supplied ).


art. D d H h m Indicator d2 d1 H11 dm Q q g
K150057.TD1001... 572450617K650050 M5 101216104
K150057.TD1201... 572450617K650050 M5 121216103
K150072.TD0801... 722856621K650070 M5 81220165
K150072.TD1001... 722856621K650070 M5 101220163
K150072.TD1201... 722856621K650070 M5 121220161
K150094.TD1001... 943660624K650080 M5 101524376
K150094.TD1201... 943660624K650080 M5 121524373
K150094.TD1401... 943660624K650080 M5 141524370

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