Knurled Metal Handwheel With Threaded Stud (W464)

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Material Steel with property class 5.8.
Surface Low roughness turned surface.
Standard Colour H – Nickel-plated (surface treatment).
Alternative Colour on Request Z – Galvanised (surface treatment).
D – Dacromet (surface treatment).
To be specified with the order.
Stud Threaded stud in the steel with tolerance class of 6G.


Art. d D H m c d1 Q Weight (g)
W464-11 M3 “HZD” 611853M3 Oct-16
W464-15 M4 “HZD” 8151064M4 10-16-20-25
W464-19 M5 “HZD” 10191284M5 10-16-20-25-30
W464-23 M6 “HZD” 122315105M6 16-20-25-30-35
W464-29 M8 “HZD” 162918126M8 16-20-25-30-40
W464-35 M10 “HZD” 203523158M10 20-25-30-35-40

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