Metal Mushrooms Knob With Threaded Bore (W118-W118CIN)

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Material: W118: Steel with resistance class 5.8.
W118 CIN: Stainless steel AISI 303.
Surface: W118….H: Turned and sandblasted.
W118….B: Turned and polished.
W118 CIN: Turned and polished.
Colour: W118….H: Nickel-plated ( galvanic treatment).
W118….B: Black-oxide ( surface treatment).
W118 CIN: Natural.
Hole: Female threaded blind hole with tolerance class 6H.



Version W118 H – Nickel-plated

Art. d D H d1 6H Q
W11819.SM06H 122225M06 10
W11825.SM06H 142529M06 10
W11831.SM08H 183237M08 12
W11835.SM10H 203642M10 15

Version W118 B – Black-oxide

Art. d D H d1 6H Q
W11819.SM06B 122225M06 10
W11825.SM06B 142529M06 10
W11831.SM08B 183237M08 12
W11835.SM10B 203642M10 15

Version W118 CIN – Stainless Steel

Art. d D H d1 6H Q
W11819.IM06CIN 122225M06 10
W11825.IM06CIN 142529M06 10
W11831.IM08CIN 183237M08 12
W11835.IM10CIN 203642M10 15

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