Plug in Nuts (JC2_0018)

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Standard material: Polyamide
Colour: Black
Assembly advantages: plug-in instead of screw-in

For efficient batch production and assembling. A nut is put on a thread bolt and then turned approx. 360º to be screwed in tight.


The plug-in nut is a spring washer nut made of polyamide 6.6. This nut is characterized by its fast and time-saving plugging onto nuts or threaded bolts and is tightened or released by twisting. With long-threaded nuts in particular, assembly times are shortened by up to 50% compared to standard nuts. This contributes to economizing on labor costs and optimizing profits. Additional advantages of the plug-in nut made of plastic are its low weight, insulating properties, non-corrosiveness, excellent attenuation, high vibration resistance and very easy handling. The plug-in nut is available in sizes M3-M6.



Art No.DHhSWd1
JC2.0018.08203 8.241.57M 3
JC2.0018.09404 4
JC2.0018.11705 11.75.8210M 5
JC2.0018.15206 15.272.513M 6

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