Plunged Handles, Smooth (JC21_0007)

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Standard material


Soft polyvinyl chloride
Available hardnesses approx. 70° and 85° Shore A
Colour Yellow, blue, grey, white, red, green and black

Further colours upon request




Art No.AL
JC21.0007.01801200 18120
JC21.0007.02001200 20120
JC21.0007.02101200 21120
JC21.0007.02401200 24120
JC21.0007.02501200 25120
JC21.0007.02601200 26120
JC21.0007.02701200 27120
JC21.0007.02921200 29.2120
JC21.0007.03001200 30120
JC21.0007.03201200 32120
JC21.0007.03301200 33120
JC21.0007.04001200 40120








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