Protecting Caps for Facade Construction Screws with Neoprene Washer (JC10_0023)

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Standard material Polyethylene
Colour RAL- or special colours upon request


Art. No.DHdSWWashers Diameter
JC10.0023.0816 208.918816
JC10.0023.0819 2811.125.3819
JC10.0023.0822 2811.125.3822
JC10.0023.0825 2811.125.3825
JC10.0023.1016 208.918.31016
JC10.0023.1019 2810.925.41019
JC10.0023.1022 2810.925.41022
JC10.0023.1025 2810.925.41025
JC10.0023.3816 208.918.43/8 16
JC10.0023.3819 281025.33/8 19
JC10.0023.3822 281025.33/8 22
JC10.0023.3825 281025.33/8 25


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