Rectangular Plunging Caps (JC21_0003)

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Standard material Soft polyvinyl chloride
Available hardnesses approx. 70° and 85° Shore A
Colour Yellow, blue, grey, white, red, green and black

Further colours upon request


Art No.ABL minL max
JC21.0003.01000030 10310135
JC21.0003.01300035 133.510145
JC21.0003.01400020 1421060
JC21.0003.01400030 14310100
JC21.0003.01500025 152.510112
JC21.0003.01500030 15310140
JC21.0003.01600005 160.51030
JC21.0003.01600040 16410110
JC21.0003.01800025 182.510125
JC21.0003.01800040 1841095
JC21.0003.01900030 1931060
JC21.0003.02000040 2041040
JC21.0003.02000050 2051040
JC21.0003.02200030 22310115
JC21.0003.02400030 24310113
JC21.0003.02400040 24410110
JC21.0003.02700070 27710130
JC21.0003.02900050 29510130
JC21.0003.03000050 30510135
JC21.0003.03500060 35610140
JC21.0003.03700200 37201040
JC21.0003.03900030 3931070
JC21.0003.03900080 39810140
JC21.0003.04000015 401.51090
JC21.0003.04000070 40710120



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