Self Adhesive Buffer (411208)

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Shelf Life – 12 months When stored in original packaging at room temperature

411208.Buffers Per CardSizeHeightColour
411208.44810.0 x 10.02.5black
411208.24210.0 x 10.02.5grey
411208.24210.0 x 10.02.5transparent
411208.20012.6 x 12.65.7black
411208.20012.6 x 12.65.7grey
411208.20012.6 x 12.65.7transparent
411208.20012.7 x 12.73.1black
411208.20012.7 x 12.73.1white
411208.20012.7 x 12.73.1grey
411208.20012.7 x 12.73.1transparent
411208.7820.5 x 20.57.5black
411208.7820.5 x 20.57.5white
411208.7820.5 x 20.57.5grey
411208.7820.5 x 20.57.5transparent
411208.7220.6 x 20.613.2black
411208.7220.6 x 20.613.2grey
411208.7220.6 x 20.613.2transparent

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