Self-Extinguishing Fixed Handle With Through-Hole (B224-AE)

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Material: Self-extinguishing reinforced polyamide UL94 V0 with yellow card.
Oils and greases resistant.
Surface: Satin.
Colour: Black (RAL 9011).
Smooth right through hole obtained by moulding the plastic.


art. L I B M H h1 h2 h3 d d1 q gF1 (N)F2 (N)
B224094.TG6.501ae 1109421133729137116.52225001250
B224117.TG6.501ae 14011724134029157146.54344003000
B224117.TG8.501ae 14011724134029159148.53944003000
B224120.TG6.501ae 14012024144029157146.54248003200
B224120.TG8.501ae 14012024144029159148.53948003200
B224132.TG8.501ae 15113226144331169148.56334003200
B224180.TG8.501ae 2001802817513921914.58.57440003000
B224235.TG10.501ae 2622353220534021111710.512338003000


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