Self-Extinguishing Solid Handle With Threaded Insert (B226-AE)

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Material: Self-extinguishing reinforced polyamide UL94 V0
with yellow card.
Oils and greases resistant.
Surface: Satin.
Colour: Black (RAL 9011).
Main Insert:
Brass blind threaded bush (tolerance 6H).


art. L I B M H h1 h2 q d1 q g F1 (N) F2 (N)
B226094.TM0601 1109421133729137M06 2343001300
B226117.TM0501 140117241340291510M05 4341002800
B226117.TM0601 14011724134029159M06 4341002800
B226117.TM0801 14011724134029159M08 4341002800
B226120.TM0501 140120241440291510M05 4361002800
B226120.TM0601 14012024144029159M06 4361002800
B226120.TM0801 14012024144029159M08 4361002800
B226132.TM0501 151132261443311610M05 7073003500
B226132.TM0601 15113226144331169M06 7073003500
B226132.TM0801 15113226144331169M08 7037002800
B226180.TM0801 200180281751392114M08 8837002800
B226235.TM0801 262235322053402114M08 12343003200
B226235.TM1001 262235322053402114M10 12343003200

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