Solid Bridge Handle With Threaded Stainless Steel Insert (B236-CIN)

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Material Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Main Insert Stainless steel blind threaded bush (AISI 303)


Art.LIFBCDHh1Qd1Weight (gr)F1 (N)F2 (N)
B236-86 M5 CIN98.58673.52012.512.540289M54040001500
B236-86 M6 CIN98.58673.52012.512.540288M64040001500
B236-94 M5 CIN106.59481.52012.512.540289M54033001600
B236-94 M6 CIN106.59481.52012.512.540288M64033001600
B236-117 M5 CIN13411710225161650349M58444001800
B236-117 M6 CIN13411710225161650348M68144001800
B236-117 M8 CIN134117102251616503413M88044001800
B236-120 M5 CIN13412010225161650349M58452002400
B236-120 M6 CIN13412010225161650348M68152002400
B236-120 M8 CIN134120102251616503413M88052002400
B236-132 M5 CIN14813211625161650349M59037002600
B236-132 M6 CIN14813211625161650348M68837002600
B236-132 M8 CIN148132116251616503413M88537002600
B236-150 M6 CIN168150132291818584013M612359001900
B236-150 M8 CIN168150132291818584013M812159001900
B236-150 M10 CIN168150132291818584015M1011959001900
B236-179 M8 CIN197179161291818584013M813538003200
B236-179 M10 CIN197179161291818584015M1013338003200

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