Solid Control Handwheel For Built-In Position Indicator (K900)

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Material Reinforced polyamide.
Oils and greases resistant.
Surface: Satin.
Colour: Black (RAL 9011).
Main Insert: Zinc plated steel right through bored bush with H11 tolerance.
Indicator mountable: Use gravitational indicators K650 or K660 series.
The indicator can be used in a vertical position (horizontal axis machine). The indicator and the grub screw (d7) must be purchased separately.
(*) With the adapter KS08050.T01 you can mount the indicator K650080.
SPECIAL REQUESTS: • It is possible to supply the inserts with d1 diameter by customers design, on request and for quantities.
• It is possible to supply the inserts in different materials, on request and for quantities.
• It is possible to supply the handwheels complete with indicators.
• Upon request and for quantities the indicator seat can be adjusted.



art. DH d d2Mcc1d3 d4 d5 (K650)d6d7 h h3 h4h5 h6h6 Dm d1 H11 Q qg
K900087.T050D5.801p 865332622117152050.852.463M6 26.56.511.5123125.820155
K900100.T050D6.801p 9955.5326323.520.511.52050.852.468M6 29911.5123.5126.820170
K900130.T080D6.801p 12964.54210027.523142985.787.490M6 341013.512.55206.824350
K900150.T080D6.801p 14969421013125.512.52985.787.4106M6 37913.512.56.5206.828430
K900175.T080D6.801p 175724011528.53211.52585.787.4126.5M6 381012.5148206.828650
K900200.T120D6.801p199714613724321529123124.4144M6 341113.512.510226.823810

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