Solid Control Handwheel For Built-In Position Indicator With Revolving Folding Handle And Locking Handwheel (K905)

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Material Reinforced and stabilised polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Handwheel Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Attachable Position Indicator SIKO gravity indicator type


Art. D H d d2 M C C1 d3 d4 Rd5 d6 d7 h h3 h4 h5 h6 d1 H7 dm Q dl L H1Weight (gr)
K905-130 T80 D6.8 12964.54210027.523142985.55487 (S80/1) * 90M6 341013.512.556.8 H9 2024216594430
K905-130 T80 D12 12964.54210027.523142985.55487 (S80/1) * 90M6 341013.512.55122024216594427
K905-150 T80 D6.8 14969421013125.512.52985.55787 (S80/1) * 106M6 37913.512.53.56.8 H9 20282376104615
K905-150 T80 D14 14969421013125.512.52985.55787 (S80/1) * 106M6 37913.512.56.51420282376104610
K905-175 T80 D6.8 175724011528.53211.52585.56087 (S80/1) * 126.5M6 381012.51486.8 H9 20282586107834
K905-175 T80 D16 175724011528.53211.52585.56087 (S80/1) * 126.5M6 381012.51481620282586107829
K905-200 T120 D6.8 199 19971461372432152912474125.5 (S120/1) +144M6 341113.512.5106.8 H9 222325861061000
K905-200 T120 D20 19971461372432152912474125.5 (S120/1) +144M6 341113.512.5102022232586106993

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