Solid Control Handwheel With Revolving Handle And Locking Handwheel (C970)

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Material Reinforced and stabilised polyamide. Oils and greases resistant
Surface Satin
Colour Black (RAL 9011)
Central Cap Grey polyamide (RAL 7035 code 13)
Main Insert Zinc plated steel right through bored bush with H7 tolerance
Side Insert Brass right through threaded bush
Side Handle Revolving handle SKU M144
Locking Handwheel Cylindrical handwheel G793-36 with threaded stud.
Caution: the R and Q2 dimensions of the handwheel must be chosen by the customer according to the dimensions of the machinery on which it will be installed.


Art. D H h d m c d3 h3 R d2 Q2 d1 H7 Q dm dl LWeight (gr)
C970-100 D05 10039343018.520.5161020M6 A.R. 5 H9 24162056252
C970-100 D10 10039343018.520.5161020M6 A.R. 1024162056250
C970-125 D05 125443736202426132225 M6 A.R. 5 H9 24182165410
C970-125 D12 125443736202426132225 M6 A.R. 1224182165407
C970-150 D05 150544438252926122528 M8 A.R. 5 H9 32222165636
C970-150 D14 150544438252926122528 M8 A.R. 1432222165625
C970-175 D05 17357474025.531.526152636 M8 A.R. 5 H9 32222376812
C970-175 D16 17357474025.531.526152636 M8 A.R. 1632222376802
C970-200 D05 202594944243527132842 M8 A.R. 5 H9 362825861040
C970-200 D20 202594944243527132842 M8 A.R. 20362825861025
C970-250 D05 249685859293936223650 M8 A.R. 5 H9 362825861590
C970-250 D20 249685859293936223650 M8 A.R. 20362825861570

If available, alternative imperial dimensions for this product will be displayed.

If none is shown, please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.



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