Spacer Bolts with External Thread and Snap (JC31_0044)

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Standard material Polyamide


Colour  black

Tolerance for length values: ±0,1 mm
Production lengths from 3 mm to 65 mm in 1,0 mm stages.

Special sizes on request. * Please specify in your inquiry/order the desired length of the bolt.


Art No.d1Snap 1Snap ?LSWInternal Thread Length
JC31.0044.025018SW060 M 2.51.843_6566
JC31.0044.030018SW060 M 31.843_6566
JC31.0044.030021SW060 M 32.143_6566
JC31.0044.030018SW080 M 31.843_6586
JC31.0044.030021SW080 M 42.143_6586
JC31.0044.040018SW060M 41.843_6566.4
JC31.0044.040021SW060 M42.143_6566.4
JC31.0044.040018SW080 M 4 1.843_6586.4
JC31.0044.040021SW080 M 4 2.143_6586.4
JC31.0044.040024SW080 M 4 2.443_6586.4
JC31.0044.040026SW080 M 42.643_6586.4


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