Steel Chromied Round Bridge Handle (B412)

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Material: Bridge handle on steel.
Surface: Gloss Polish.
Colour: Bright chrome plating


art. I L H B/c d d1 q q g F1 (N) F2 (N)
B412042.r05M03 42472558M03 61010001000
B412055.r05M03 55602558M03 61310001000
B412076.S05M03 76812558M03 61510001000
B412088.r05M03 88932558M03 61810001000
B412032.r08M04 324033812.5M04 82810001000
B412055.r08M04 556333812.5M04 83810001000
B412064.r08M04 647233812.5M04 84110001000
B412088.r08M04 889633812.5M04 85010001000
B412096.r08M04 9610433812.5M04 85610001000
B412098.r08M04 9810633812.5M04 85710001000
B412102.r08M04 10211033812.5M04 85810001000
B412120.r08M04 12012833812.5M04 86510001000
B412128.r08M04 12813633812.5M04 86810001000
B412136.r08M04 13614433812.5M04 87110001000
B412055.r10M05 5565411015M05 106710001000
B412088.r10M05 8898411015M05 108710001000
B412100.r10M05 100110411015M05 109410001000
B412102.r10M05 102112411015M05 109510001000
B412115.r10M05 115125411015M05 1010310001000
B412120.r10M05 120130411015M05 1010510001000
B412136.r10M05 136146411015M05 1011210001000
B412180.r10M05 180190411015M05 1014210001000
B412200.r10M05 200210411015M05 1015410001000
B412235.r10M05 235245411015M05 1017510001000
B412250.r10M05 250260411015M05 1018410001000

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