T Lever With Movable Handle And Threaded Hole (W700)

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Material Steel with property class 5.8.
Surface Low roughness turned surface.
Colour B – Black -oxide (surface treatment)
Inserts (1) Half-moon shaped ring for black-oxide treated harmonic steel shafts (UNI 7434 type H).
(2) Galvanised steel spring.
(3) 7/32 galvanised steel ball.
Handle Movable handle locked at stroke end by O-rings.
Hole Female threaded hole made in the steel with tolerance class of 6H.


Art. d L H d2 d3 d1 Q Weight (g)
W700-85 M10 18826286M10 25
W700-105 M12 208272106M12 30
W700-125 M16 248287126M16 40
W700-145 M20 308297166M20 45

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