Tubular Protecting Caps with/without Lug (JC22_0005)

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Standard Material Low-density polyethylene
Colour Blue
Other Colours Other RAL and special colours on request


Art No.dhPipe Threadwithout lugwith lug
JC22.0005.01020200 10.220R 1/8 x
JC22.0005.01350200 13.520R 1/4 x
JC22.0005.01720200 17.220R 3/8 x
JC22.0005.02130200 21.320R 1/2 x
JC22.0005.02500200 2520x
JC22.0005.02690270 26.927R 3/4 x
JC22.0005.03370270 33.727R 1 x
JC22.0005.04240350 42.435R 1 1/4 x
JC22.0005.04830350 48.335R 1 1/2 x
JC22.0005.06000350 6035R 2 x
JC22.0005.07610350 76.135R 2 1/2 x
JC22.0005.08890350 88.935R 3 x
JC22.0005.10160350 101.635R 3 1/2 x
JC22.0005.11430350 114.335R 4 x
JC22.0005.12100350 12135x
JC22.0005.12700350 12735x

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