Two Spoke Handwheel With Revolving Handle and Indicator Seat (K406)

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Material: Reinforced polyamide. Oils and greases resistant.
Surface: Satin.
Colour: Black (RAL 9011).
Main Insert: Zinc plated steel right through bored bush with H7 tolerance.
Side Insert: Brass right through threaded bush.
(+) Black-oxide threated steel insert with hexagonal threaded through hole. Fixed with black-oxide threated hexagon socket button head screw ISO 7838.
Side handle: Revolving handle M144
Hub: Solid hub.(*) Hollow hub.
Indicator Fastening: Fix the indicator with a threaded grub screw M4 inserted in the bore d4. (grub screw supplied)
Handwheel Fastening: The handwheel is fixed to the shaft by means of the grub screw (not supplied) (d2) radial bore (M05).


art. D d m c H Ht h h2 d2 d3 d4 d5 Dm d1 H11 dl l Q q g
K406130.T050D0801 1293232185065.536A.R.A.R. 62M5 K650050 188216524370
K406160.T050D0801 159403423576940.5A.R.A.R. 62M5 K650050 228237632532
K406160.T080D0801 159403423577240.5A.R.A.R. 97M5 K650080 228237632553
K406200.T080D0801 198513328.561.57139.5A.R.A.R. 97M5 K650080 228 (*) 237632795
K406250.T080D0801 25255.538.531.5707947A.R.A.R. 97M5 K650080 288 (*) 2586361125
K406350.T080D0801 34667.543.536.58081.549.5A.R.A.R. 97M5 K650080 308 (*+) 2586321725

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