Universal Tubular Lock With 7MM Sqare Insert Key (J144)

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Material: (1) Die-cast zamak lock body M19 (stator) and rotor Nickel-plated finish. 7 mm. square tubular key.
(2) Black-oxide treated elastic washer d.24×1 bore d. 19,4.
(3) Galvanized steel hexagon nut M19x1.
(4) Galvanized steel locking lever. (Qn shape N flat – Qe shape E offset).
(5) Conical black-oxide treated steel elastic washer d.12×1,5.
(6) Galvanised steel Phillips dome head screw M5x8.
Key: (Optional): (7) Nickel-plated die-cast zamak key. Art. J145080.Z07
NOTE: The key is not supplied. Order separately.
Rotation: 90°.


Art. d L Qn Qe D h A B E S q g
J144019.ZE0735X22 M19 35-22224142.522549
J144019.ZE0730X25 M19 30-25224142.522547
J144019.ZE0739X29 M19 39-29224142.522549
J144019.ZE0735X37 M19 35-37224142.522551

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