Wingnut With Smooth Hole Insert Without Cap (L808-L808PIN)

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Material: Reinforced polyamide.
Oils and greases resistant.
Surface: Satin.
Colour: Black (RAL 9011).
Main Insert: L808: Brass right through bored bush
with H9 tolerance.
L808CIN: Stainless steel (AISI 303) right
through bored bush with H9 tolerance.


Version L808: Standard brass insert

Art. A B H m c d d3 d1 Q q g
L80844.TD0501 441621.58141410D05 158
L80844.TD0601 441621.58141410D06 158
L80844.TD0801 441621.58141410D08 159
L80852.TD0501 521925.59.516.51713D05 1813
L80852.TD0601 521925.59.516.51713D06 1813
L80852.TD0801 521925.59.516.51713D08 1814
L80852.TD1001 521925.59.516.51713D10 1815
L80867.TD0601 6724321121.52116D06 1824
L80867.TD0801 6724321121.52116D08 1824
L80867.TD1001 6724321121.52116D10 1825
L80867.TD1201 6724321121.52116D12 1825

Version L808 PIN: Stainless steel insert

Art. A B H m c d d3 d1 Q q g
L80852.TM0801pIN 521925.59.516.51713D08 1814
L80867.TM1001pIN 6724321121.52116D10 1825

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80844 5mm

80844 6mm

80844 8mm


80852 5mm

80852 6mm

80852 8mm

80852 10mm


80867 6mm

80867 8mm

80867 10mm

80867 12mm